As a parent you always hear other parents talk of the “terrible twos” – ┬áthat magical age when your adorable little angel descends into the pit of Hades, only to re-emerge as the devil incarnate. Well, I wouldn’t say we’ve reached those levels of stroppiness quite yet, but we’ve certainly seen Thea begin to develop more of an independent… umm… character, lately. There are many theories on how best to deal with these little episodes – we’ve played the negotiator, the disciplinarian, the logical reasoner, and of course, the soft touch at times. Look out for a blog post to follow on the success (or lack thereof!) of these different approaches, but for now, here is a recent Top 10 of Toddler Tantrum reasons that have made us laugh and cry, in equal measures, over the last few weeks…

1. I wouldn’t let her comb the bin lid
2. I politely asked for a cuddle
3. We foolishly suggested that barbecue sauce and raspberry yoghurt is not an acceptable combo
4. Mummy turned her head slightly to put an end to repeated attempts at eye gouging
5. I declined her kind offer to repeatedly slam the living room door in my face
6. I took approximately 6 seconds to choose the next episode of Bing!
7. I asked that there be more than 5mm distance between her nose and the TV
8. I turned the microwave on
9. Mummy wouldn’t let her eat a yoghurt with a fork
10. Mummy wouldn’t let her have peas for breakfast

What other unfathomable meltdowns have you parents witnessed? Let me know in the comments and I’ll collate the best of the bunch.



One Thought on “Ten toddler tantrums…..

  1. Sue Gee on July 5, 2016 at 9:02 pm said:

    Ha ha. Love your feisty little girl!! I can’t remember the reasons why my two had tantrums – too long ago; but I remember that the only tactic that ever worked – was rejection. Boy did that miff them that we didn’t want them until they started to talk to us reasonably!!! Sue

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